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Felicity Wade

Felicity Wade talks about how tough it can be to be a professional environmental activist.

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Being a full-time environmental activist

Felicity Wade has been campaigning for the environment for close on thirty years.  She talks about the heady times of leading the Wilderness Society of NSW, Australia in her twenties, without realising just how tough it was to be in the public eye and carry the organisation.  She talks of how her role has changed from saving forests to saving the world, a very different remit from what she signed up for initially.  She tells the story of how, as the  National Convenor of the environment and climate change lobby (LEAN) within the Australian Labor Party, she and others went out to dusty town halls all across Australia to talk about climate change and as a result, completely turned around Labor Party policy on the issue.

I came out of the interview with huge admiration for her ability to just keep fighting for what she believes in and so grateful for people like her who carry the hard work of fighting for the environment for the rest of us.

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Felicity Wade

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