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Neha Broota

Neha Broota left her fabulous future as an accountant in KPMG to work in the slums of Mumbai and for international development foundations all over the world.

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Finding meaning in work

Today more than ever we have a responsibility to help build a world in which every human being matters. A world where we all see each other, listen to each other and live with a deeper sense of connection and authenticity. - Neha Broota

Neha Broota started her cadetship at one of the big four accounting firms at the age of 17.  She was a star student and had a brilliant career ahead of her.  But by the time she was 23, she felt that something was missing.  So she took time off and went to work in the slums of Mumbai. This was both a humbling experience and a turning point.  When her time in Mumbai was over, she went back to KPMG, but knew that her goal had now changed.

Since then, Neha has worked in international development foundations in the UK and India, and today is an Associate Director at Social Ventures Australia.

This is the first of two interviews with Neha.  In the second interview, we will dig more deeply into her spiritual journey and her involvement with the revolutionary Chinmaya University in India.

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Neha Broota

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