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Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts talks about how art makes us think and the challenges faced by mothers in the art world.

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How art makes us think

Katherine is the senior curator at Manly Art Gallery & Museum in Sydney.  We talk about what it takes to become a curator and dig deep into the role.  

We talk about how the gallery combines art with other disciplines, including science and social issues, such as:  

  • “Refugee Art Project” where the work of four high profile artists/advocates will sit alongside work by newly arrived refugees connected with Settlement Services International in Sydney, and
  • “Manly Dam Project” where eight artists were inspired by the water projects of engineers working in a world-class laboratory below Manly Dam.

We talk about the creation of community around regional galleries and how the community has become even more engaged in art and culture since lockdown.

Katherine shares her views on the challenges faced by mothers to make it in the art world.

You can find further information about the Manly Art Gallery & Museum here:

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Katherine Roberts

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