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Camilla Borrevik

Different styles of communication in the climate change debate

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How to talk about climate change

Camilla Borrevik, a Norwegian anthropologist working with the small Pacific Island states on climate change, talks about different styles of communication in climate change negotiations.
She discusses the Pacific Island style of communication and ways of sharing knowledge, which involves respect, sharing and stories, and how the Fijian presidency of COP 23 allowed people to connect on a completely different level.  As one journalist put it:  "Finally, negotiators are talking like people".

She compares this to the typical, bureaucratic style of communication and interaction that is usually found in climate change conferences, to the difficulties she has had as a young woman  in expressing herself at international events and also to her experience of academia, where criticism and questioning of research can bring people down rather than building them up.  

If you would like to know more, Camilla's PhD has been published under the title:   " 'We started climate change': A Multi-level ethnography of Pacific Climate Leadership".

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Camilla Borrevik

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