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Christine Stewart

Christine Stewart talks about restoring Collits Inn, a historically important inn situated two hours West of Sydney at the foot of the Blue Mountains.

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Restoring Historic Collits Inn

This is a very special episode, because the person I am interviewing is... my Mum.  

Mum is hugely creative but she is also a doer - she will have an idea and the next thing you know, the project will be up and running or even finished.  She is a drawer and a painter, was a potter for a while, she ran an arts and crafts shop for many years, and I don’t remember a time when she wasn’t doing up houses.  She organised her last painting exhibition at the age of 82.

In this interview, I talk to her about what was probably the most important project in her life:  restoring Collits Inn.  Collits Inn is situated at the foot of the western side of the Blue Mountains, two hours west of Sydney, and is one of Australia’s oldest inns.  When she and Dad bought it, it was a ruin but she turned it into an award-winning French restaurant.

Podcast Guest

Christine Stewart

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