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Christine Stewart

Christine Stewart talks about her new book called "Collit's Inn - Uncovering the Past", a journey into her restoration of one of Australia's earliest Inns.

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The book about restoring Collit's Inn with Christine Stewart

Christine Stewart has just published a book called "Collit's Inn - Uncovering the Past". The book is about her restoration of the first inn to be built on the other side of the Blue Mountains from Sydney. But it's a whole lot more than that. It is also about the history of the Collit's family, the history of the whole Hartley Valley area and a tribute to the wide group of people who Mum worked with while doing the restoration. A recent reader said: "Your amazing book has been on my kitchen bench since arriving here and I am loving it. I have sensed that you are beside me telling the story".

Further details on the book are available here:

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Christine Stewart

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