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Marysol Torres Aguilar

Marysol Torres Aguilar talks about her role as the Director of Guadalupe Island Biosphere Reserve off the West Coast of Mexico.

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Showcasing Latam Environmentalists: Marysol Torres Aguilar on Guadalupe Island

This is the first "mini-series" for the podcast: interviews of women conservationists from Latin America, organised in conjunction with the Centre for Protected Area Management at Colorado State University. Find out more about the Centre for Protected Area Management and the great work they are doing with people who work in conservation all over the world:

Marysol is the Director of the fabulous Guadalupe Island Biosphere Reserve off the Western Coast of Mexico.  The island is the home to many endemic species include sea lions, white sharks, cyprus, pine tree and the black-footed albatross, and a fishing village of 180 people. Marysol talks about how for many years, people came from all over the world to hunt the seal lions and brought many species with them.  The introduced species are gradually being exterminated and the native environment is recovering.

Marysol talks about what her role involves and some of the great successes her team has had in preserving this unique environment.

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Cecilia Poullain
Founder of Brave New Women
Coach - Empowering Women to Find their Voice

Music: Stephen Marquis
Editing: Talal Bouroki

Translation: Erin Hicks from the Centre for Protected Area Management

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Marysol Torres Aguilar

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