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Marea Donovan

Spirituality in public life

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Spirituality in public life

The year she graduated from law at Sydney University, Marea was one of the five women and perhaps eighty men.  She became the senior partner in a law firm in Port Macquarie on the north coast of NSW in Australia.  She was also the mother of five children, Deputy Chair of the NSW Catholic Education Commission then Chair of the Governing Council of the Catholic Theological Union.
Marea talks about her work in involving parents in schools and the profound impact this can have on children and on communities.  She is currently Chair of the Australia-wide Spirituality in the Pub network and talks about how she lives out her spirituality in her public life, how important community is and what it means to her to help bring an understanding of a “spirituality of conversation” into all of our lives.
The next Spirituality in the Pub (known as "Spirituality on the Sofa" during Covid) will be held at 7.30 p.m. Sydney time on 2 June. Theme:  "Reconnecting with Purpose" with three great women speakers.  Zoom link here:  

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Marea Donovan

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