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Donna Lawler

Donna Lawler talks about being a space lawyer.

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The law of space

Donna Lawler and her husband, Steven Freeland are probably the world's only space law couple.

Donna tells us about what a space lawyer does every day and discusses some of the major issues that are being discussed in relation to space such as the discovering of billions of tonnes of water on the moon, discussions around use and extraction of resources on the moon and asteroids and elsewhere in space, how to keep space peaceful, the management of debris and traffic in space.  

She talks about the exponential growth in how satellites are being used, both good and bad.      

We touch on the environmental impact of the space race and some of the initiative technologies to reduce the carbon impact of launching satellites.

She talks about the realities of running her own business after many years working for a corporation.  

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Donna Lawler

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