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Voice coaching for groups

Are you looking for a voice or presentation coach to work with groups in your organisation?

I work with groups of women aged 35 to 55 who have far more to offer than they realise.  Despite being good at their jobs, they are passed over for promotion.  They are afraid that they have nothing to say, or of being in the spotlight, or that their voices won’t be heard when they speak up.  They are frustrated and wonder when their talents will finally be recognised.  

I teach these groups that their voice matters.  I teach them how to use their voices powerfully, how to move on stage with purpose and how to shine when they are in the limelight.

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing opportunities for group training programs.

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Voice coaching for individuals

Are you looking for an individual voice or presentation coach?

Are you a woman aged between 30 to 50 who wants to present keynotes, speak at conferences or post webinars but worry that your voice might fail you?  Are you anxious that you won’t be heard, or that your voice will wobble? Or are you terrified of public speaking?  

If you are courageous, creative and generous and want to make the most of your gifts, I can teach you to bring power to your voice, to structure your message so it will make an impact and to shine when that person in the spotlight … is you.

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Ready to find your voice?

There are lots of ways of improving our voices and our confidence.  Let's talk about adapting some solutions for you.

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