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Cecilia can help you with:

  • Speaking at women’s events
  • Individual confidence and public speaking coaching
  • Corporate workshops on confidence, communication and voice
  • Hosting panel discussions or interviewing guests at conferences or on-line
  • Participating as a guest on podcasts
  • Performing my original work at women’s events

Empowered women

“Cecilia’s workshop was an “out-of-the-world” moment which really helped to disconnect! Whether you know how to sing or not, I strongly recommend Cecilia’s workshop, during which she transmits her passion for singing with much empathy.“

- Florence
"My Saturday class has been the highlight of my 2020! Cecilia has helped me to bring out my creative side, and gain confidence to speak up. Thanks so much Cecilia for your kind and compassionate guidance. You make the class so personable and special. I feel so at ease with using my English when I talk to you. I also imagine you are with me when I want to stand up for myself. I don't want our classes to end ever!"

- Maria Cristina
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Coaching for groups

Are you looking for a coach to work with executives in your organisation?

I work with groups of women who have far more to offer than they realise.  Despite being good at their jobs, they are passed over for promotion.  They are afraid that they have nothing to say, or of being in the spotlight, or that their voices won’t be heard when they speak up.  They are frustrated and wonder when their talents will finally be recognised.  

I teach these groups that it is vital for them and for their organisations to speak up.  I teach them how to use their voices powerfully, how to move on stage with purpose and how to shine when they are in the limelight.

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing opportunities for group training programs.

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Coaching for women

Women work with me for three different reasons:
- because they need help with confidence
- because they need help with the actual skills of public speaking - how they use their voice, how they move on stage etc.
- because they have a particular message they need help structuring.

If you are courageous, creative and generous and want to make the most of your gifts and ultimately change the world, I would love to work with you to increase your confidence, to make sure you have the skills for speaking in public, for structuring your message and making sure that your voice will be heard. 

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I believe it is vital to have women on platforms, speaking out about what is important to them.  

And to me, nothing is more important than communication. 

Suggest Speaker Topics:
- “The Interruption Challenge: dealing with being interrupted... gracefully”
- “Overcoming the Fear of Me: facing fear with creativity”
- “Witch or dishcloth: how female energy can save our organisations”
- “Let’s just ignore it - handling difficult conversations with skill”
- “Resolving disputes without leaving blood on the floor”
- "Creative Presentations

Please contact me for your next conference or webinar.   

Presentation of my latest webinar : Small Interruptions, Big Consequences.

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