Where does
your voice fit
in this world?

Be heard. Make an impact.
Speak with confidence

Shine in front of an audience.

The way we use our voices is a major part of the image we project.  If we use our voices well, our confidence increases and we become more willing to stand up and be listened to.

I teach my clients how to use their voices powerfully and without strain.  I teach them how to move on stage and how to simplify and structure their message. I teach them that by using all the dimensions of their voice, they can capture an audience’s attention and connect with them on a number of different levels.

And when they do that in public, they shine.

Speak with confidence

Why does a confident voice matter?
(personally and professionally)

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Feel less exhausted

Speaking in public can leave us drained.  But it doesn't have to.  If we use our bodies as a resonating chamber for our voices, then when we walk off stage, or out of a meeting, we will be buzzing with positive energy - and so will our audience.

Growing above the plateau

Speaking with a tiny voice implies:  "I don't mind if you don't hear what I have to say".  I believe it is a fundamental need for all of us to be heard - it's just that some of us have forgotten.  By giving power to our voices, we can learn to say:  "Listen to me. Now."

Convince clients to work with you

Would you give your business to someone who brought low, negative energy to every meeting? Or with someone who looked and sounded poised and confident? It goes without saying, doesn't it...

Don’t be passed over for promotion

The more positive energy we have, the more we are able to bring in clients, the more we are willing to stand up and be listened to ... the more likely we will be promoted. Obviously.

Helping voices become brilliant.

"I very much appreciated the vocal work I did with Cecilia.  Her method, which combines relaxation and varied vocal techniques, helped me to become aware of capacities which I had previously ignored.  As the lessons and exercises progressed, I was able to develop diverse vocal techniques while learning to relax and become more confident when speaking in public.  For anyone who wishes to improve their speaking skills, I strongly recommend Cecilia as a vocal coach.  She correctly diagnoses blockages and is able to provide solutions adapted to each person’s personality."

- Lucie Mélenche
“Cecilia’s workshop was an “out-of-the-world” moment which really helped to disconnect! Whether you know how to sing or not, I strongly recommend Cecilia’s workshop, during which she transmits her passion for singing with much empathy.“

- Florence
“We know that the Southern hemisphere has provided the lyric scene with a number of renowned singers – Australians and New Zealanders in particular.  Cecilia Poullain is no exception:   this French-Australian singer is there to prove it to us.  Her voice is carried with finesse, her timbre is generous. But Cecilia is also a singing teacher, a discipline in which she reveals another side of her warm personality.  Just because we know how to sing doesn’t mean we know how to teach – one does not necessarily follow the other. I participated in a singing initiation workshop run by Cecilia.  Everything was there:  reassurance, an exhaustive choice of exercises both vocal (placing the voice, testing the tessiture) and breathing (supporting the voice, awareness of the muscles involved).  The participants were delighted by the experience.  Do I need to say that I was too?”

- François Heuttematte
“I had the pleasure of attending Cecilia’s training in October 2019.  There was something for everyone, regardless of singing level.  Voice projection isn’t something we think about often, Cecilia’s workshop was a fun and accessible way to work on this. Since the training I’ve been able to put into practice what I learned.”

- Kate

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Where does
your voice
fit in this world?

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