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Do people listen when you speak?

I help women find their voice.  To have the confidence to stand up.  To have the skills to speak up.   

So many women lack confidence. They underestimate their value.  Their work is impressive but they prefer to stay in the shadows.  They would do almost anything rather than speak up in meetings or in public.    

Their employers miss out.  There is less management diversity, decisions are not as good and the atmosphere is more about “me” than about “us”.

Our communities and the environment miss out, because women are not speaking up about what is important to them.

And the women themselves miss out.  They are frustrated and their careers stagnate.  

I know, because that was me. When women are able to recognise that their needs are legitimate, they live more in harmony with themselves, have more self-awareness and are happier.  When they are more confident, their morale and productivity is boosted.  This drives greater career and business success.  As more women stand up and speak up confidently, meetings are more productive, teams work better, profits increase and our companies operate more sustainably.  But this is not only about helping women to be more in tune with themselves.  It is also vital for our workplaces, communities and our environment that women stand up and speak up about the things that are important to them.  

You are a woman who is ready to unleash your full potential. 

You are a team leader who wants to drive the performance of your team and impact your bottom line.  

Or, like me, you are a woman who wants to change the world. 

If so, get in touch with me and together, we’ll get your voice and the voice of your team heard.  

Together, we can change our workplaces, our communities, our environment and ultimately, the world.

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"Cecilia has a great gift in putting people at ease and making them feel she is very interested in what they have to say. They feel really related to her and love
speaking with her."

- Elsie

Let's build your confidence

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Transforming fear

Fear can petrify us.  But perhaps it is there to teach us something.  And perhaps it is nothing more than an expression of a need.  And could our imaginations and our creativity transform it into… power?

Dealing with difficult relationships

Sometimes, relationships turn sour because of a misunderstanding, or because we put meaning where none was intended, or because we are all carrying heavy loads from the past. Understanding ourselves and others and taking responsibility for our behaviour can bring peace to fraught relationships.

Focusing on our needs

Many women spend their lives serving others and forget their own, legitimate needs. Ironically, if we aren’t meeting our own needs, we aren’t available to serve others. When we meet our own emotional needs, we become fully expressed, powerful and available for others.

All of us

So many people live as though they are a rational brain with a body randomly attached. Life is so much richer if we are able to tap into our imaginations and our creativity, tune down our minds and tune into our bodies and use our voices powerfully.

Empowered women

"Cecilia has a great gift in putting people at ease and making them feel she is very interested in what they have to say. They feel really related to her and love speaking with her."

- Elsie
"Before, I often felt that I hadn't made my point.  Another person with more confidence explained the same idea and everyone loved it, and I ended up being frustrated. I have a bubbly and enthusiastic personality - is that why people didn’t take me seriously?

Now, my energy is now explosive. It makes me feel so wonderful and powerful. The payoff is amazing, because self-confidence has no price."

- Maria
"I very much appreciated the vocal work I did with Cecilia.  Her method, which combines relaxation and varied vocal techniques, helped me to become aware of capacities which I had previously ignored.  As the lessons and exercises progressed, I was able to develop diverse vocal techniques while learning to relax and become more confident when speaking in public.  For anyone who wishes to improve their speaking skills, I strongly recommend Cecilia as a vocal coach.  She correctly diagnoses blockages and is able to provide solutions adapted to each person’s personality."

- Lucie Mélenche
“Cecilia’s workshop was an “out-of-the-world” moment which really helped to disconnect! Whether you know how to sing or not, I strongly recommend Cecilia’s workshop, during which she transmits her passion for singing with much empathy.“

- Florence
"Thank you for your precious time and encouragement.You have no idea how this is helping me...Whenever I share with you, I get excited again about writing."

- Zakia
“I had the pleasure of attending Cecilia’s training in October 2019.  There was something for everyone, regardless of singing level.  Voice projection isn’t something we think about often, Cecilia’s workshop was a fun and accessible way to work on this. Since the training I’ve been able to put into practice what I learned.”

- Kate

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