Being vulnerable empowered
my voice

My path to finding my voice.

Being vulnerable empowered
my voice

My path to finding my voice.

Frustrated by progress? I was.

For much of my career, I worked as a lawyer in the finance industry.  I was good at my job, but I never seemed to make it to the next level.  

Until one day I realised that what was purposeful and meaningful to me wasn’t aligned to what I was doing.  So I started searching for where I could use my natural talents to make a greater contribution.


In parallel to my legal career, I took singing lessons.  There were also frustrations there – as soon as I sang in public, my throat seized up.  The difference between the way I knew I could sing and the way I sang in public was immense.  Another search began:  how could I make sure that every single time I was up front, I could rely on my voice?  

I wanted more. I wanted to empower my being, my voice.

My first step was to contact a Gestalt therapist.  She quickly led me to understand that my true talents were creative.  This made so much sense.  I immediately began to write and found that my mind was permanently fizzing with ideas.  I was able to combine my imagination with my legal training which gave a natural structure to my writing and a drive to choose exactly the right word.

I joined a Gestalt group and discovered how much I loved to play, and how important play is in learning.  I also learnt to forget about trying to be perfect.

I stopped aiming for perfect and my voice became stronger.

My first one-woman show, “Reconciliation”, took place in 2017.  The show was made up of songs, and texts inspired by these songs.  My second one-woman show, “The Smallest of Moments”, was staged in 2019.  It was made up of nine short stories which I wrote and acted.  A pianist accompanied the texts with his original compositions.  Because I had learnt how to bring all my creativity in to play and to be vulnerable, I was able to connect with the audience of over a hundred people on a very personal level.

In addition, I had far greater confidence in my abilities and was far more outgoing.  I discovered that, now I knew what I was doing, I loved being centre stage, whether it was speaking or singing.

This led me to start my own business.

Sharing what I learned during my life journey.

Today, I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt on this journey.  It brings me huge pleasure to see other people realise their full potential when they stand up in public. Based on my thirty years of singing lessons, I teach people how to use their voices powerfully and without strain.  I teach my clients how to use all the dimensions of their voice to capture the audience’s attention.   I teach my clients how to move on stage and how to simplify and structure their message.  And, most important of all, I teach my clients to speak with confidence, because their message is unique and important.

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