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Owning my power.

When I embraced my imperfections, everything began to change.

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Have you embraced your perfections? When I did, my career took off.

For much of my career, I worked as a lawyer in the finance industry.  I was good at my job, but never seemed to make it to the next level.  I was often anxious and worried that people would find out that I had made a mistake.  If I wasn’t 100% sure my work was perfect, I would clam up. 

Until I realised that my career wasn’t progressing because my work wasn’t aligned with the things that gave my life purpose and meaning.   

So I started searching for where I could use my natural talents to make a greater contribution.

I wanted to feel more confident and in line with who I was.

My first step was to contact a Gestalt therapist.  She quickly led me to understand that my true talents were creative.  This made so much sense.  I immediately began to write and found that my mind was permanently fizzing with ideas.  I was able to combine my imagination with my legal training which gave a natural structure to my writing and a drive to choose exactly the right word.

Then I joined a Gestalt group and learnt so much about dealing with my emotions, how important it was for me to play in order to learn and that I have natural leadership skills.

And I kept singing.  I had started singing in 1990, and I continued my lessons with Anne Epstein, a marvellous teacher, who herself learns from Ronald Klecamp, one of the best in Europe.

In 2019, I wrote and acted in a one-woman show, “The Smallest of Moments”.  Because I had learnt how to bring all my creativity to play and to show my vulnerability, I was able to connect with the audience of over a hundred people on a very personal level.

In addition, I had far greater confidence in my abilities and was more outgoing.  I discovered that, now I knew what I was doing, I loved being centre stage.

I wanted to use all these skills to help others, so I started my own business.

Sharing what I have learned.

Today, I share with my clients what I have learnt.  It brings me huge pleasure to see them getting in touch with all of themselves - their intelligence, their creativity, their movements and their voices.  I love to see their confidence grow, to see them become happier and more fully expressed and to see them step up and speak up.  I love seeing them understand that their message is unique and important. 

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